Saturday, 29 December 2012

Recording Bass: 3-Bass Sample

I have been setting up my home recording studio here in the UK, and as I continue to improve and learn about recording bass and producing music, I would like to share the outcome.

This is a quick demo of a sample loop with three different bass lines and a drum pattern, playing at the same time. Check it out, and please let me know your thoughts.

For the recording I used both my Kubicki Factor 5 and my Warwick Corvette Fretless. Both produce really different sounds. I used the Factor for two of the tracks, differentiating them by tweaking the sound settings and for the third one, I used the Warwick, which produces a round, mellow and characteristic crying-like sound of the fretless. I’m currently using a Windows 8 Alienware laptop, a Focusrite Saffire PRO 24 DSP, Saffire MixControl 3.1 and Ableton Live 8.


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