Friday, 28 December 2012

Never Stop Travelling - 2012

Now that my 2011 travel list is published, I can go ahead and publish 2012 list. If you are asking, why is this guy posting about his travels? Why do we care? Well, let me tell you: you are absolutely right to do so. You don’t need to care or find my travels interesting. However, if this post gets you excited about travelling, or reminds you of your travel memories, I can say that then, at least for me, it is worth it. That, and also, because I want the chance to post some photos of my travels and keep a handy, online record of the places I have visited (that doesn’t belong to Facebook!).

So, without anything left to be said, here is this year’s list.

My 2012 Trips

IMG_3930 IMG_3970IMG_3956 IMG_3928

WP_000178 WP_000153

WP_000202 WP_000198

WP_000351 WP_000348
England (Brighton, Bournemouth, Croyde Beach, Devon, Reading) 


WP_000109 (2) WP_000108 (2)
Holland (Amsterdam)

WP_000161 WP_000277
USA (New York)


WP_000129 WP_000134
Sweden (Stockholm)


WP_000481 WP_000500WP_000474 IMG_4039
Germany (Berlin)


WP_000603 WP_000627IMG_4351 IMG_4312WP_000636 WP_000675WP_000661 WP_000684
Greece (Crete – Chersonisos, Agios Nikolaos, Plaka, Elounda, Haraklion)


WP_000724 WP_000719
USA (New York, second time this year!)


548406_10151142309918871_1779227388_n 21912_10151142311663871_1011947357_n
USA (Seattle and Bellevue)


WP_20121210_063 WP_20121210_010
WP_20121211_016 WP_20121211_057
WP_20121211_028 WP_20121211_008
France (Paris)

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